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I am loving this earring design.  This is my second pair I’ve made of this design, and I promise more like these to come.  My last pair was made with beautiful citrine rondelles.  This pair features gorgeous brilliant purple amethyst roundelles.  The color of these stones is simply amazing, and all their facets make them sparkle!



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I’ve been playing around with texture in my studio lately.  It is amazing the different tools you can use to create different textures when hammering silver.  The more I play, the more appreciation I get for the various properties of metal.

This Eternal Hope necklace is one of my newest designs.  It’s my version of the quite popular Eternity necklace.  I love the symbolism behind the circle – continuous, unending, never fading, never failing.  I love that jewelry can have more purpose than simple adornment, that it can be a reminder of truths we hold most dear.


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Citrine Queen Earring


Saturn Earring

Here are a few of my latest designs from my soldering studio!  I am truly enjoying my studio and the process of forming metal – shaping, heating, soldering, hammering, oxidizing.  The whole process is quite cathartic (especially the hammering).  I am thrilled with how the hammered rings on the Saturn Earrings turned out!

I had to take these pictures with our old camera.  My husband whisked our newer camera away with him to Tokyo, so I had to search for our old one, dust it off, find fresh batteries, and remember how to use it with all it’s eccentricities… It was an adventure, but I’m not too disappointed with the photos.

More designs from my studio to come!

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Well, my new studio is up and running!  It’s been a few weeks in the making, and I still have a little bit of organizing to do, but I am quite excited about my new workspace and my new metalsmithing equipment.

Here are my first few designs created in the new studio.  I’m still getting familiar with my new soldering equipment, and I’m having a blast experimenting with it!  More to come……

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Yay! I have all the equipment I need to get started with my soldering!
We’re in the process of setting up my studio – an exhaust fan and lighting have been installed, and we’re going to move furniture and equipment out to the studio this afternoon!
All I need now is the solder and silver – and an order has been placed for that too!
I’m getting excited!

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