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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you a wonderful, family focused, relaxing thanksgiving filled with opportunities for memory making!  In the midst of the hustle and bustle of food preparation and partaking, remember to slow down and enjoy those around you, and to take a few minutes to give thanks.

Here are a few things I am thankful for:  love, family, health, good friends, laughter, this fabulous pumpkin roll recipe.

What are you thankful for?


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A Fantastic Giveaway

Check out Replicca Clothing Company, a fun little shop filled with creatively designed handmade clothing.

Rebecca from Replicca is offering one lucky winner their choice of the Grey Pocket Dress, Grey Cowl Top or Turtleneck Dress from her shop!  Check out this Lillyella blog post to learn more about Rebecca and to enter this fantastic giveaway!

This giveaway ends Sunday, November 29 at 10 pm, so hurry on over!

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greenHappy Friday!  I am quite pleased to introduce you to Kendra from GreenPost.  I stumbled across Kendra’s line of plantable gift tags (tags made with wildflower seeds), and I just had to share them and her with you!  Kendra’s line of eco paper is fun and earth friendly.  She makes her goods out of recycled junk mail, bills, receipts, as well as scraps from etsy seller Crafterall.  Kendra is also a painter – what talent!  You can check out her paintings  here.

What inspires you?
Trees. The natural world. Solitude. Color. Organization. Variety. Change.

Share with us a little about your creative process.
My creative process is dependent upon momentum. I find that all my ideas and future work develops from everything I do in the present moment. Thus, I allow myself to be fully present to my work and allow the future to show itself to me gradually through the natural course of things. Invention happens through awareness in the moment. Papermaking is very Zen to me; a meditation.
Also, I allow people to influence the work as I am trying to create something that is ultimately useful. I find that people are compelled to communicate with me about my paper, so I make myself available to their suggestions and enthusiasm. This work is for people and I appreciate that people want to participate in the process.

green9green8green10What do you find most challenging about your craft?
While papermaking is a simple craft, it is constant like a river. The entire process is continual and cyclical. Therefore, my greatest challenge is to remain disciplined and tend to my craft daily.

What do you find most rewarding about it?
I am rewarded by the many letters I receive from people who are excited by my work. The fact that so many people support my work makes me feel successful in creating something people need, can use and feel good using. People are my reward.

green7If you had an unlimited budget, what would you buy to further your craft?
I would love to buy a paper press and a printing press.

What is your most prized possession?
My husband is a Venetian-style Glassblower. So, my favorite possessions are all the beautiful sculptures, vases, drinking glasses that he has made. I am very fortunate to live with such beauty surrounding me each day!

Name a guilty pleasure… what do you do to treat yourself?

If money and time were not an issue, where would you travel and what would you do while you’re there?
I have always wanted to travel to Brazil. I want to float down the Amazon River and see the great Rain Forest and then end my trip in Rio de Janeiro and celebrate Carnivale.

green5What is the most valuable thing you have learned within the past year?
I have learned that MOST people care about the environment and are looking to buy well-designed Green products. It makes me feel very optimistic about the future of the planet, other people and my decision to start this business. This business began with a kernel of an idea, but taking action was the most important element. Everything else is sorting itself out.

How would you like to be remembered by future generations?
I would like to be remembered as someone who served the greater good and did so with passion and style!

Thank you Kendra for sharing a little about your craft and yourself!  It’s been a delight getting to know you!

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I’m having a jewelry open house this Saturday November 14, 10am -1pm in Virginia Beach, VA.  You are welcome to attend if you’ll be in the area!  Email me for more information!

Door prizes, light h’orderves, jewelry… it should be great fun!

My next Open House will be in New Bern, NC on Saturday December 5th.

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Untitled 4Check out CAPow! to read an interview featuring yours truly!   CAPow’s blog is fun and full of  posts featuring artists and creators of handmade goods.  You’ll find some unique finds there!  Thanks for the feature!

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robotI just adore these robots by LittleBrownBird!  They are so full of character!  These little handmade robots are customizable – wouldn’t a personalized robot make a great holiday gift!  So fun and adorable, I had to share!


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Citrine Queen Earring


Saturn Earring

Here are a few of my latest designs from my soldering studio!  I am truly enjoying my studio and the process of forming metal – shaping, heating, soldering, hammering, oxidizing.  The whole process is quite cathartic (especially the hammering).  I am thrilled with how the hammered rings on the Saturn Earrings turned out!

I had to take these pictures with our old camera.  My husband whisked our newer camera away with him to Tokyo, so I had to search for our old one, dust it off, find fresh batteries, and remember how to use it with all it’s eccentricities… It was an adventure, but I’m not too disappointed with the photos.

More designs from my studio to come!

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