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TreeLet me be honest with you.  I’ve been working through a period of creative block lately.  While I continue to create, the ideas and designs are just not flowing as easily as they used to.  I need a little boost, and so I am embarking on a Cultivating Creativity Challenge.

I would like to challenge myself to cultivate a creative outlook on life, to find inspiration in the world around me and the people I meet, to express myself and be uniquely me through my creative process,  to consider new ideas, new mediums, new avenues of creative output.

I plan to challenge myself (and you if you choose to join me!) to complete an exercise or activity each that will nurture creativity.
I’ll share with you the outcome the following week, and I would love for you to share your experience as well!

I would love to invite you to join me in cultivating creativity!  Whether you are an active and fruitful artist/crafter/writer/etc. or you think you are creatively challenged, consider joining me in branching out, embracing inspiration, and growing creatively.  I will post a new challenge each week – you can choose to complete each activity/exercise as they come.  PLEASE feel free to SHARE your experience and encourage me and others (you can email me or post a comment below)!

We’ll start with something simple.  This week, the challenge is to witness a sunrise or sunset (or both!).  The majesty and splendor of the sunrise and sunset always inspires awe in me!  I think this is a great way to begin the opening of our creative gates!


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Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to be eco-friendly?  Try out these Happy Vegetable Reusuable Bags by Wonder Thunder.  Add a little more fun to your grocery shopping and cut down on plastic consumption – use these festive baggies to bag your produce at your local gorcer or farmers market.  Bags are made of recycled cotton muslin and can be machine washed, dried, and used again.


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After purchasing several strands of freshwater pearls recently, I couldn’t resist pairing the red, white, and blue together to create these Independence Day Earrings! Twenty-two pearls hand wired onto sterling silver hoops – I am quite pleased the result!


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Thought I would share with you a few of the things I’d love to make my own.  Enjoy!

Squared Hoop Stud Earrings by Cherry Creek
Concrete flowers necklace by Lulu Bug Jewelry
Ivory Pleated Collar Dress by Amanda Archer
Flores Handbag by Zelaya
Hand-painted Teacup by Brooklyn Rehab 

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Rise, waters, rise,
And taunt the skies
With your swift-flitting form.
Sweep, wild winds, sweep,
And tear the deep
To atoms in the storm.

And the waters leapt,
And the wild winds swept,
And blew out the moon in the sky,
And I laughed with glee,
It was joy to me
As the storm went raging by!

-Paul Laurence Dunbar, The Rising of the Storm

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In celebration of her Birthday, Jen at Indie Fixx is hosting a BIG giveaway!  She’s giving away gift certificates to 10 different shops!  All of the participating shops are terriffic and feature hand-crafted items – jewelry, mugs, photos, bags, etc!

Head on over to Indie Fixx to wish Jen a Happy Birthday and to enter this great contest – it’s easy!
Hurry  though! You need to enter by tonight at 11:59 est!


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I am thrilled with this week’s Friday Feature – Zelaya!  Zelaya’s handmade clothing, handbags, and accessories are simply elegant, and they’re environmentally friendly too!  For this family business out of El Salvador, social and environmental sustainability are key.  They use natural biodegradable fabrics, classic and clean designs that minimize machine operations, and they even eliminate plastic and metal closures to reduce environmental impact.  The result?  Beautiful products that you can feel good about wearing!

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